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MedsChecks in a busy chain pharmacy

The pharmacy I work at is literally a gold mine for MedsChecks because 90%  of the patients are above the age of 65. Although the pharmacy has many eligible patients, I am often limited by time due to high script … Continue reading


The future of the MedsCheck service

My impression is that the MedsCheck service is a rudimentary form of a med review.The list making process utilizes very few skills, and shows the pharmacist how much they have to offer. With the expanding scope of practice, my suggestion … Continue reading


45 minutes to do a MedsCheck

It took me roughly 45 minutes to do a MedsCheck in an independent pharmacy setting. The following are some resaons why it took me longer than 30 minutes: 1) My slowness and need to develop an approach to doing a … Continue reading


Barriers to MedsCheck in the independent pharmacy setting

1) Knowing the patients and their problems too well that they don’t feel the need for a MedsCheck. 2) Low volume because not everyone is eligible for a MedsCheck. 3)  Eligibiity criteria. A person on 2 chronic meds who is … Continue reading

MedsCheck billing timeline

April 2007 – Launch of MedsCheck. $50 compensation for 30 minutes of the pharmacist’s time.

July 2010 – Remuneration increased to $60 following the drug reform.

November 2010 – Launch of MedsCheck for Diabetes ($75 plus $25 for follow up), MedsCheck Long Term Care ($90) and MedsCheck at Home ($150).



Success of MedsCheck in the independent pharmacy setting

I spent a few hours at an independent pharmacy yesterday to think about what makes the MedsCheck program successful in this type of  setting. The following is what I came up with: Knowing the patient’s name Remembering the patient’s medical … Continue reading


Erectile Dysfunction & Diabetes

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects 34 to 45% of men with diabetes, and has been shown to impact quality of life among men of all ages with this metabolic disease. Further, studies indicate that 40% of diabetic men over 60 years … Continue reading