About MedsCheck


The original MedsCheck program was launched on April 1, 2007. It is government funded annual service for Ontarians taking a minimum of three medications for a chronic condition. It consists of a 30 minute appointment with a pharmacist at a community pharmacy in order to review medications to identify any issues, help patients understand their medications better and improve adherence.

Under certain circumstances, additional MedsCheck known as the “Follow-up MedsChecks” can be provided to patients within the one-year timeframe.

MedsCheck Consult

The “MedsCheck Consult” pilot program began on November 17, 2008, however the launch of the actual program is still pending. It is a program that builds onto the original MedsCheck review by allowing pharmacists to take action when DTP(s) are identified and facilitating pharmacist-prescriber collaboration. Pharmacist can community the DTP to the patient’s prescriber using standardized forms to outline the DTP(s) or medication concern, desired outcome(s) and recommended option(s). If the prescriber agrees with the recommended changes, he/she returns the signed form to allow any medication changes to take place

** Update: according to MOHLTC and OPA, the MedsCheck program will be expanding in August 2011 to include MedsCheck Consults: for more details, click on this link.

Expanded MedsCheck

The expanded MedsCheck program was launched on September 13, 2010. It reaches Ontarians who were not eligible or able to benefit from the original MedsCheck. The expanded programs now include residents of licensed Long-Term Care Homes, all people in Ontario who are living with diabetes as well as those who are home-bound and not able to attend their community pharmacy for the service.

The “MedsCheck for Long-Term Care” is another branch of the original MedCheck program and it consists of quarterly medication reviews and an annual comprehensive medication analysis. The reviews are conducted by the pharmacist in the Long-Term Care home to promote healthier patient outcomes, optimize drug therapy for residents and to promote interdisciplinary collaboration.

The original MedsCheck program has been expanded to include “MedsCheck for Diabetes”. This program is for anyone who is diagnosed with type I or II diabetes and may only be taking one medication or may even be managing their diabetes without prescription medications. These patients can have a one-on-one appointment with a pharmacist to discuss managing their diabetes and address patient concerns. Prior to the MedsCheck for Diabetes program, a patient with diabetes taking less than three medications was not eligible for a MedsCheck.

The “MedsCheck at Home” program is intended those patients who are eligible for the regular original MedsCheck but who are not able to attend their community pharmacy in person for physical or mental health conditions and/or the distance to a community pharmacy. This service involved a pharmacist visiting the patient’s home for a one-on-one consultation and medication review. Additionally, the pharmacist conducts a medicine cabinet clean-up during the home visit and removes unused medication for proper disposal.

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2 responses to “About MedsCheck

  1. I have recently started working with a physician, who is taking over a retiring physicians practice. However the retiring physician had a paper based chart, and the new physician will be using an EMR. I suggested to the physician that rather than just dumping all the drug therapy information into the EMR for each patient, that the have the patient come see me for a MedsCheck, so we are creating the best possbile medication record for them to start with. The doctor’s office books the appointments, even though the MedsCheck is done in our pharmacy, and they also call the day before to remind the patient. So its a win, win, win situation!!

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