MedsChecks in a busy chain pharmacy

The pharmacy I work at is literally a gold mine for MedsChecks because 90%  of the patients are above the age of 65. Although the pharmacy has many eligible patients, I am often limited by time due to high script counts and staff shortage. The end result is an on-the-spot MedsCheck that is approximately 5 minutes long. To some this may appear as  low quality MedsChecks, but to me, I feel I do a good job  because  this patient population is usually stabilized on the same medications for years, which does not warrant too much of the pharmacist’s time. What is time consuming however, is counselling a new drug because these elderly patients suffer from dementias and hearing problems. But for MedsChecks, its often just a quick review of the medications they have been on for years.


2 responses to “MedsChecks in a busy chain pharmacy

  1. Hello, I’m new to the blog and had a question/concern about the MedsCheck program. Why is it that videoconferencing is not yet allowed for MedsChecks? I strongly believe that a MedsCheck review done in a consult room over video conference does not compromise a pharmacist’s judgement and ability to ensure a comprehensive review.

    • I dont work for the Ministry of Health. However, the indirect value of the MedsCheck program is the relationship that developments between pharmacist and patient. If it starts or is solely based on video communication, the relationship may not be as strong.

      Notably, smoking cessation follow-ups can be done via video-conferencing / telephone. Therefore, perhaps there’s an argument to be made about supporting the use of video conferencing and/or telephone for MedsCheck follow-ups.

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