The life of a pharmacist after the ‘Living MedsCheck’ experience as a Student….

After I graduated pharmacy school, I began my pharmacy internship and work experience within a hospital setting. In a hospital setting, MedsChecks are not typically performed, however there are other types of medication reviews that are done by pharmacist such as, Best Possible Medication History (BPMH). However, there are many differences between the MedsChecks program and medication reviews completed by pharmacists in a hospital setting. I have not completed a MedsCheck yet, as I am not currently working in a community pharmacy setting. Nevertheless, I do know there is GREAT value in the MedsCheck program for community pharmacists, and will definitely integrate that into my practice as a pharmacist if I were to ever work in a community pharmacy setting again. Completing the MedsCheck elective, I gained an immense amount of direct patient care skills and experience that I still carry with me in my hospital experience. Through the MedsCheck experience, I learned the value of patient-pharmacist relationship and trust, importance of strong communicational skills, confidence in patient counseling and empathy for our patients. I feel grateful and blessed in having gone through the MedsCheck experience, where I could learn such valuable lessons that have helped me become the pharmacist I am today.



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