Yr 1: A Pharmacist’s perspective on Living MedsCheck & other services

Now, I am a practicing pharmacist for a chain that serves a large clientele. This is different from when I volunteered during the “Living MedsCheck” elective.

Am I still Living MedsCheck? I am, as well as pharmaceutical opinions, smoking cessation prescribing & monitoring, and immunizing. However, I also manage an efficient, safe, and competitive drug distribution service – the traditional side of pharmacy. Some days, I multitask all of these responsibilities with the technicians; meanwhile, others days when other pharmacists are on duty, I’ll devote my time almost entirely to providing the MedsCheck (and other) service(s) .

How many? As little as 0-3 MedsChecks on busy days, meanwhile specialized days can lead to >10 MedsChecks and/or pharmaceutical opinions.

Has the purpose and quality of the MedsCheck service changed now that I’m a pharmacist? No. Consider reviewing previous posts for more info. Briefly, it’s an opportunity for the pharmacist to help their patient through a discussion(s) about their overall health including medication(s). Often this leads to a follow-up discussion (pharmaceutical opinion) that builds on the pharmacist-MD (or NP) relationship. Don’t forget: the patient should also have a ‘reconciled’ med list at the end of the discussion.

Are there obstacles to providing these services? Yes. Where is the MedsCheck Consult program? Alternatively, there should be different reimbursements for different types of pharmaceutical opinions. Why is the smoking cessation program and PO service restricted to ODB recipients? How to increase MD / NP participation or at least feedback? Following-up is difficult, perhaps we need to include technicians (e.g. a continuing ed course may bridge the gap).

A significant highlight this past year was being told by a patient that the MedsCheck and fax I sent (pharmaceutical opinion) was responsible for diagnosing and treating a decade old unsolved health issue. There are many other highlights, as well as lessons I’ve learned this past year, but the latter needed to mentioned.

Am I still reflecting? I am always inwardly reflecting on ways to improve my delivery of the MedsCheck service. In the pharmacy, I have moments to discuss my progress and I reflect briefly on Twitter. However, it differs significantly from the reflections that occurred in the Living MedsCheck elective (in Pharmacy School).

Feel free to share your comments, and good luck implementing your MedsCheck & other services.

Mike (@M_TRITTer)


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