The future of the MedsCheck service

My impression is that the MedsCheck service is a rudimentary form of a med review.The list making process utilizes very few skills, and shows the pharmacist how much they have to offer. With the expanding scope of practice, my suggestion is to make the MedsCheck process look more like a medication review such that pharmacists are able to use the skills they learn over the course their university education. Otherwise, community pharmacists will lose these skills should they decide to stay in their practice setting or will be forced to switch into more direct patient care setting such as hospitals, family health teams, and long term care facilities.

I am hoping the MedsCheck service will evolve into a med review. While the program does help students acquire interpersonal and communication skills, I don’t see the service challenging practicing pharmacists. With that said, the program then becomes more of a means to generate revenue than as a  tool for pharmacists to further their knowledge.



One response to “The future of the MedsCheck service

  1. Wow. Do you feel that the majority of pharmacists use MedsChecks as a “means to generate revenue than as a tool for pharmacists to further their knowlege”? Or do you feel that the MedsCheck service is flawed?

    I don’t share your perspective. Certainly, there are pharmacists who don’t take advantage of this service. However, there are also pharmacists who do. Furthermore, you are generalizing since the Diabetes MedsCheck, the long term care MedsCheck, and the home medschecks are significantly different from the regular MedsCheck.

    Finally, keep in mind that the MedsCheck service is in its infancy. Change is a slow process, but its certainly occurring in pharmacy practice. I feel that pharmacists, other health care professionals, and patients will appreciate this service for its value beyond preparing a Med list.

    Michael (M_TRITTer)

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